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  • National Executive Council: The National Executive Council is comprised of the elected representatives of each of CIPHI’s branches, a president-elect, president and past president. The NEC is responsible for the day-to-day operation of CIPHI as outlined by the Constitution and Bylaws. It is responsible for identifying and pursuing initiatives that support the objectives of CIPHI including, but not limited to, advocacy and provision of educational opportunities. All business units within CIPHI, including the Board of Certification, Council of Professional Experience and Environmental Health Foundation of Canada report to the NEC.
  • Vision & Mission: The guiding principles behind our organization.
  • Environmental Health Foundation of Canada: The Environmental Health Foundation of Canada (EHFC) is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing environmental health in Canada and internationally through the development and implementation of education and research initiatives. They are a registered not-for-profit charitable organization. The EHFC was inaugurated in 1989 and received official recognition as a registered charitable organization under the Canadian Income Tax Act in 1991. The activities of the EHFC are coordinated by a Board of Trustees. Board membership consists of representatives from industry, educational institutions, the community at large, government, and from the public health inspector profession.
  • Retirees Advisory Committee: The Retirees Advisory Committee was established in September 2005 as a joint project of the CIPHI and PHAC to address the need for qualified public health inspectors to deal with potential public health emergencies; determine a framework to serve as a tool to enhance the public health system capacity; and, serve as a pilot for the establishment of retiree committees in other health disciplines.
  • Advocacy: Learn what CIPHI stands for and the services provided.
  • Branches: Our organization is made up of nine branches, located across Canada.
  • Awards: CIPHI recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the field of environmental health and/or to the Institute.
  • History: Download writings and information on the history of CIPHI.
  • Contact Us: Contact information for specific individuals within the organization, as well as our mailing address. Also, information on the Members Service Center, the on line environment where CIPHI members can now renew their membership with the convenience of an online payment option.

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